Nowadays, people are often doing all sorts of things in order to lose weight. However, it is simple to follow just the basic informations, so you maximize the result, so we made it simple to give these 6 Basics Tips on HOW TO CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT AND KEEP FIT. And they are actually Evidence-Based.

1- It's not about eating less

“Don’t eat too much at night, and just eat an apple two times a day to lose fat and stay fit”

We hear that BRO-ADVICE quiet often when we are looking to lose weight or getting a better shape, but sadly it’s a myth to not eat a lot, the truth actually is “EATING BETTER” which means Quality over Quantity.Gaining & Losing weight actually depends on the number of calorie intake, and the calorie expenditure, there is NO MAGIC RECIPE, or a mix of some vegetables that will “eat your fat” or “give you muscle”.


2- lift weights or do a physical activity

By lifting weights, or doing a physical activity you will burn lots of calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

You will not only lose fat, but also build muscles and have a great shape, and will also help  your daily life & boost your confidence, so having a 3-4 times a week sessions of 30-60mn at home or in the gym will have a profound positive impact on your physical strength, health, and your general sense of well-being. 

3- use smaller plates

It has been shown that using smaller plates will help a lot you psychological needs of food and will play a big role in managing the satiety, so let your plate control your portion. As humans we tend to eat as much as we can see and we think. 

if you put a small piece of food on a large plate, your mind will tell you that you are eating a small portion and you will automatically put more food on the plate. However, if you put that same piece of food on a small plate your mind will tel you that you are eating a large portion and you’ll stop adding food.

4- eat more vegetables

Vegetables have several properties that make them effective for weight loss, they contain a few calories and a lot of fiber with their high water content giving them low energy density and makes them very filling.

Without forgetting that they are very nutritious and have a plenty of benefits for your health. 

Getting  two colorful plates a day (lunch/dinner) will make your health better and help you feel full before jumping to other parts of food.

5- be on a calorie deficit

Everybody has already heard at least one time these advices :

– I have a magical soup that will make you lose fat..

– Buy this product ! it says that you will get rid off 10kg in just few days !

– I’ve heard that drinking water with lemon will make thin …

And so on …

Actually losing weight or gaining depends on ONE & THE ONLY factor : 

Calorie Intake vs Calorie expenditure.  And there is a lot of ways to know if you are getting more weight or losing, one of the formula is the one of Harris Benedict  which consist in counting the BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) :

  • Man : 88,362 + (13,397 x weight) + (4,799 x height) – (5,677 x age)
  • Woman : 447,593 + (9,247 x weight) + (3,098 x height) – (4,33 x age)

          (Weight in kilograms, height in cm et age in years).

After finding the result of the BMR, we have to move now to the Energy Needed to keep our weight stable, from that we will be able to define how we’re going to lose/gain weight.

  • Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure :  TDEE = BMR x Activity Factor  

After finding the result in kcal, you will know how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight.

To lose weight it is this Simple, you lower the numbers of the result slowly starting with -300/-500 kcal (2-4 weeks).

For example : if you need 2000 kcal to maintain your current weight (which we’ve found by using the formula), you will start to lower that to 1700kcal and see what happens.


6- get good sleep

Studies show that poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity, and researches proves that sleep deprivation fosters your brain to make bad decisions (snack on junk food, skip workouts). 

Having sleep deprivation will trigger a raise in insulin and cortisol levels. The former triggers a higher degree of fat retention in your body and the latter is also known as the “stress” hormone. 

So put away your phone and your computer before bedtime and let yourself get as much sleep as you possibly can!

Do you have more tips on staying fit and healthy? did you try these tips before and didn’t work?  Which is the biggest problem that puts you away from achieving your goal? Let us know in the comment session !


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